Being an entrepreneur is not as easy as it seems. You have to think of what business to start up, how it will appeal to the community and how profitable it will be. 


Many people find it difficult to start their own business. They might feel discouraged by the work they have to put into it in order to be profitable, so they take the easy way out by becoming salary earners.  


If you’re looking to start your own company, here are a few tips to help you  tap into a business community as a young entrepreneur:

Invest in something you enjoy doing


Every person has at least one business idea in their lives, sometimes more, but it’s best to start with something you are passionate about. Passion alone can move mountains and you will easily succeed if you are doing something you love. Your work is going to take a significant part of your life, thus try filling it with something that you enjoy. 


Also, people can copy your ideas, strategies, even your products sometimes and use them under their own brand, but no one can replicate your passion and drive for your work. 


Bring together a great team, join a business community to learn more about the industry and conquer the market.

Do a market research


After deciding what business you want to start, carrying out market research should be your next step. In order to run a successful business, you need to learn about your prospective customers, competitors and existing products or services.  


Market research helps reduce risks by allowing you to understand product features, pricing and promotions. It also helps you focus your resources where they’ll be most effective. Researching your market should never be underestimated. Most successful, old and new businesses, enjoy longevity because their owners did proper market research to understand their target and identify customers along with their problems and needs. 

Make A Business Plan


Now that you know what you want to sell, and did the market research,  it’s time to work on your business plan. Having a business plan it’s a crucial strategic tool for an entrepreneur. It assists in providing a focus on the specific steps necessary to make business ideas successful and also enable them to achieve short term and long term objectives. 


Drafting out a business plan is also important for attracting investors or sponsors because it typically includes detailed information that can help improve the chances of success such as market analysis, competitive analysis, customer segmentation, marketing strategy, logistics, cash flow projection etc. 


It may look time-consuming and difficult but business planning is essential in everything that you will do with your company.

Build a great team and hire character


It is not unlikely that you will manage a big part of your business all by yourself. Still, being surrounded by a great team will bolster your success. 


Employees who can engage in critical thinking are reflective, independent, competent and can logically connect ideas, evaluate arguments, find inconsistencies or errors in their work and solve complex problems.


Skills are something that can be learned, but character is necessary to sustain and keep existing or potential customers. It is easier to train a person of good character to do a job well than to develop character in a skilled, but unprincipled employee. Your organization is only as good as the talent you recruit, that’s why companies prefer to run a background check for anyone they choose to hire. 

Provide great service


Don’t just acquire customers, retain them.


Your customers are the lifeblood of your business -*John Rampton*, so you have to do your best to keep them. To do this you have to stay in touch and encourage their interaction. Inform them of your promotions, discounts, product updates or any service you think they would find interesting.

Get personal – as many customers place as much value on the quality of your service friendliness, comfort, familiarity and customer service as they do on the quality of your products.


When solving customer problems, either in a phone conversation or in-person ensure your employee is polite, tolerant and sympathetic. Take responsibility as your brand’s reputation is at stake and customers are always right. 


Also remember: punctuality is the soul of a business, do well to keep to time as most customers are impatient. 

After acknowledging and following these steps you are definitely on the right track to tap into a business community. For more knowledge of business and marketing strategies, join our community.