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How can the European Marketing Institute support you?

Our community of partners and members comes together through a variety of purpose-driven activities, to enhance both business performance and our members’ personal growth.


The European marketing institute is devoted to excellence in marketing innovation, learning and developing leaders in business marketing roles who make a difference globally.

  • International focus – our members come together from across the globe

  • Industry-leading know-how – we encourage learning, growth and knowledge sharing

  • Innovating from the core – on a mission to push the marketing boundaries forward


Bringing together a strong, close community of marketing & business leaders, able to support each other’s growth, and making verified partners and resources available to them to skyrocket their success.

Are experienced, reputable marketers, C-suite executives and entrepreneurs making a change in the business environment with each day

Are designed to help both entrepreneurs and members in the beginning of their journeys ramp up their marketing know-how fast and get the skillset needed to implement and manage modern marketing campaigns, tactics and techniques for their businesses.

Are verified businesses, institutions and service providers that can help our members execute on their growth plans and marketing needs. These range from Digital Marketing Agencies to Web design, software development companies, branding and consulting partners as well as CIM-certified marketing advisors who can provide effective business support.
We have developed a number of add-on, practical marketing teaching programs which fit perfectly within the modern 2021 learning environment, to help students in the Marketing & Business fields enhance their learning experience and curriculum with training provided by senior marketing professionals. reach out directly if you are a University Professor interested in a potential collaboration as partnerships are currently limited to 5 per year.
The Marketing Innovation Podcast Show, our partner marketing Blog as well as yearly Trends reports and Video resources are all freely available to our community. Subscribe to our mailing list for exclusive monthly resources too.




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