The explosive rise of short-form videos, pioneered by platforms like TikTok and replicated by others such as YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels, has reshaped the advertising landscape. These bite-sized, captivating videos lasting no more than 60 seconds have not only become a source of entertainment but also a powerful tool for advertisers looking to engage younger audiences. 

Unprecedented growth in short-form video ad spending

Short-form videos have proven to be a dynamic medium for generating leads, enhancing brand visibility, and fostering user engagement. The format’s versatility and its ability to connect with audiences across various social media platforms have propelled it to the forefront of digital advertising strategies. A Statista survey indicates that global spending on short-form video ads has surged twentyfold in just five years, skyrocketing from $4.6 billion in 2018 to over $88 billion in 2023. Projections for this year estimate a remarkable 11% increase to $99.4 billion, marking the highest value ever recorded. However, the most significant surge is expected in the coming years.

According to Statista’s forecast, short-form video ad spending is anticipated to grow by an average of $11 billion per year, reaching a monumental $145.8 billion by 2028. This forecast represents a massive 65% increase in just five years. Additionally, the average spending per user is projected to witness a notable rise, climbing from $16.5 in 2023 to $23.6 in 2028.

With brands and companies committing billions of dollars to this engaging format, short-form videos are predicted to account for 60% of total spending on digital video advertising by 2028, up from 52% in the present year. The format’s ability to capture attention in a concise timeframe and connect with younger demographics positions it as a crucial component of digital marketing strategies.

Shift in regional dominance

Historically, the majority of short-form video advertising revenue has originated from Asia, where companies spent $38.8 billion on this format last year. However, the landscape is set to change. Statista anticipates the Americas becoming the world’s largest short-form video market by 2028, with total ad spending in the region projected to grow by 13%, reaching $68.2 billion. Asia will still see substantial growth, with an 8% increase resulting in total ad spending of $57.9 billion. Meanwhile, Europe is expected to experience significant growth, with total ad spending reaching $16.6 billion in 2028, a nearly 10% increase compared to Asia.

The era of short-form video advertising is in full swing, with astronomical growth anticipated in the coming years. Brands and marketers are recognizing the effectiveness of this format in connecting with audiences, particularly the younger demographic. As ad spend continues to climb, the dominance of short-form videos in digital advertising appears to be an irreversible trend, reshaping the way brands communicate and engage with their target audiences.


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